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Historia Desarrolladores Los Cabos
Real estate development has been a fundamental pillar for the growth of the State of Baja California Sur. It is due to the vision and investment in real estate development that today we have a world-class touristic destination.

It is in 1990 that the specialized section in Real Estate Commerce within the National Chamber of Commerce of Los Cabos comes to fruition; this being the first effort of touristic developers to gather and contribute to the growth of the Municipality.

People who formed the Commission are:

Manuel Yturbe Redo / Don Harris / Marco Monrroy Milán
Luis Bulnes / Leticia Díaz Rivera

The first meetings took place at the Solmar Hotel. However, because of the rapid growth of Los Cabos new members and investors joined the group, as well as, the dynamic structure of the sector it is opted to withdraw from the National Chamber of Commerce. And, thus form the association that is known today.

In 1993 the Association of Real Estate Promoters and Developers of Los Cabos (Promotores y Desarrolladores Inmobiliarios de Los Cabos, A.C.) is founded. The active participation of this association has accomplished great feats such as: the creation of mixed funds for the touristic promotion of Los Cabos, with the sole purpose to promote this touristic destination abroad. It is 1995 that the association assumes the name it holds today Promoters and Developers of Touristic Real Estate of Los Cabos (Asociación de Promotores y Desarrolladores Turísticos Inmobiliarios de Los Cabos, A.C.).

Comisión Consultiva de Desarrollo Urbano: Comité Técnico de la Comisión Consultiva de Desarrollo Urbano Consejo Coordinador de Los Cabos Comité Técnico del Fideicomiso del 2.5% sobre nómina.

Comité Técnico del Pabellón Cultural.

Comité Técnico del Plan de Desarrollo Urbano de Los Cabos Comité Técnico del Plan de Ordenamiento Ecológico.

Comité Técnico de Catastro Consejo Consultivo del IMPLAN (Instituto Municipal de Planeación) Consejo Consultivo de Turismo Estatal.