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The objective of the Promoters and Developers of Touristic Real Estate of Los Cabos is to establish and maintain an environment of trust and responsibility within and among our members, the authorities and society to promote real estate investment and development for the Municipality of Los Cabos.

As members of the association we pride ourselves in the sustainable development our community; always searching for growth with the best standards in quality that our touristic influx in this city requires and expects.


Leticia Diaz Rivera González / Manuel Iturbe Redo / Marco A. Monroy Milán / Don Harris / Eduardo Atamoros Elizalde / Oscar Cano Hernández † / Federico Becerra Martínez / Manuel Angulo Cárdenas / Alberto Villada Camerino / Manuel Díaz Rivera González. / John A. Vaughan Hoeffer / Mario Gadsden Carrasco / John R. Solís Batllia / Mario Gadsden Carrasco/ Genaro Ruíz Hernández/ Alberto Villada Camerino / Francisco R. Parra Carriedo / Fernando García Campuzano.